A well-thought out music playlist is an essential part in a successful wedding. Generally, couples draw much of their attention on wedding details like the theme, decoration, catering, dresses, and flowers; while the music playlist gets little attention.

I have always considered that guests will not only remember how beautiful the ceremony and how satisfying the food was, but most especially the beautiful moments accentuated by the perfect music score or song background that heightens everyone’s emotions. Sometimes it is the music played at the right time and moment that makes the wedding more memorable and meaningful. Therefore, it is only essential to allot some time to prepare the wedding music.

Here are a few tips on choosing that perfect music that will keep everyone on their feet and inspired throughout the wedding.


1- Try not to give and restrict your DJ to a list of songs to play for the wedding. It is one of the common mistakes that many couples tend to do. A good DJ is one who gets the feeling of the crowd and the dance floor. Providing your DJ the freedom to play or mix some music that suits the crowd at the moment would keep the party going.

2- It is a good idea to inform your DJ of your music preferences or favorite songs. Although, keep in mind that if your taste in music is a little peculiar, you have to be more flexible as not only will the DJ entertain and please you, he or she will also do the same for the guests. Let his or her creativity get into play in incorporating your favorite songs into your wedding mixtrack.

3- In line with tip #2, tell your DJ the story behind these song or music preferences. For example, the song you used to dance to and share an inside joke with your college friends, your favorite song playing in the background of a coffee shop where you and your partner first met, or your parents’ favorite slow-dance song that you find romantic. This will help your DJ get the sense of you and your guests’ music preferences as well. This simple tip will also let your DJ know when to play certain music or songs at the right time. Knowing a little bit about your story will let your DJ create a music playlist that is more meaningful for everyone.

4- One of the most awaited moments of a wedding is the couple’s entrance to the reception. Everyone faces the entrance and all eyes on the couple. For most couples, they prefer a lively music where they enter the venue dancing; whileas for some couples who may be shy to put themselves into a spotlight dancing lively, they may prefer a serene type of music and enter the venue walking gracefully hand in hand. Make sure to talk to your DJ about this one too.

5- Time to throw the bouquet? Our advice is to find a song that connect with the people who will receive the bouquet. Try to make this moment special and take care of all the small details.

6-Cocktail hour aims to create a relaxed atmosphere for the guests. At this time, wine glasses are clicking and socializing happens. Guests from both sides of the family will be getting to know each other and talking. Therefore, inform your DJ of playing some background music, leaving some chance for everyone to talk.

7- It is essential to plan the lighting of the dance floor. Choose a lighting plan based on the size of the venue. It is equally unacceptable to have lack of lights and to have over abundance of it. Either of this affects the atmosphere, mood and enthusiasm of the guests to dance. They may find a dance floor lacking of lights to be boring and not have the motivation to dance even if the music is great. On the other hand, they may also find a dance floor with over abundance of light to be blinding or glaring, which negatively affects their experience of the wedding overall.


8- One last tip, and for us the most important one, the dance is the moment to enjoy at maximum your wedding. The couple spent most of the time between photos and greetings, it is time to dance, get crazy and enjoy.

It is very noticeable when the couple are on the dance floor and when not. They are the protagonists of the wedding and the dance floor require your presence and rhythm.

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