Game Shows

When it comes to the ultimate in audience involvement and interaction, look no further than our game show mania packages! With a whole array of games suited for one or more contestants, we will have you covered.

One of our most popular games “Game Show Mania” features a trivia theme. Using computer technology paired with Compact Discs, this unit has all the jingles, bells and whistles you see on TV.

Questions can come in the form of sound clips, video clips or straight spoken word. Best of all, the trivia challenge is completely customizable! Imagine setting up your own game show based around knowledge of your company, the employees, it’s products and many other limitless options!

Also available is our “money machine”, a 6′ x 6′ x 12′ inflatable enclosure designed to blow coupons, money, paper or a variety of other light objects throughout the chamber, where contestants frantically try and collect the most to win. The possibilities are virtually endless, and it makes for a wonderful attention grabber at product launches and much more!

To add to our commitment of quality and reliability, we offer written contracts with all of our services. To get a head start on your event, be sure to download our online contract!

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